Beer Street South (Handwritten)

550 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn

open M-W @ 5pm, Th/F @ 3pm, Sat/Sun @ 2pm

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we regret that we are unequipped to build that specific drink you'd like but hope these will suffice.

if not, tell weather up we said hi!

On Draft

add bubbles at no extra cost ✨

"A New Kind of Water"

Halftone Vodka, Forthave 'Red' Aperitivo, lime

"Memories of Tomorrow"

Rum Punch w/ Plantation 3 Stars, Laird's Applejack, black tea, lime

"The Good Son"

Negroni w/ Halftone Gin, Campari & Regan's orange bitters

single  12

double 20


Halftone NY75

french 75-inspired w/ a complex botanical backbone, gently carbonated [local]

*distilled at Finback Brooklyn [local]

12oz   11

Halftone Gin & Tonic

a lively rendition! 

gently carbonated [local]

*distilled at Finback Brooklyn 

12oz   11

Interboro BK Stinger 

Amaro Whiskey Sour w/ their straight malt whiskey Lexical amaro

carbonated for a spritzy refreshing finish [local]

12oz   11

Interboro Gin & Tonic 

refreshing & fizzy [local]

12oz   11

Interboro Gin & Tonic Hibiscus & Lime

with fresh hibiscus & lime, refreshing & fizzy [local]

12oz   11

Interboro Gin & Juice

with fresh ginger & lime, refreshing & fizzy [local]

12oz   11

BEER + SHOT all day every day!

1. Draft Pint + Premium Well Shot spirit of your choosing   12  [$2 off during happy hour!]

2. Northern Lager +  Old Overholt   9

3. Extra Dry + Forthave 'Marseille' Amaro or  St Agrestis "Paradiso" Aperitivo    15

4. Anxo Draft Cider + Neversink Apple Aperitif   14  [$2 off during happy hour!]

5. Spindrift Hard Seltzer + Supergay Vodka   11