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Beer Street South (Handwritten)

550 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn

open M-W @ 5pm, Th @ 3pm, Fr @ 2pm, Sat/Sun @ 12pm

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full list coming very soon!

On Draft

add bubbles at no extra cost ✨

"A New Kind of Water"

Halftone Vodka, Forthave 'Red' Aperitivo, lime

"Memories of Tomorrow"

Rum Punch w/ Plantation 3 Stars, Laird's Applejack, black tea & lime

"The Good Son"

Negroni w/ local gin, Campari & Method Sweet Vermouth

single  12

double 20


Halftone NY75

french 75-inspired w/ a complex botanical backbone, gently carbonated [local]

*distilled at Finback Brooklyn

12oz   11

Halftone Gin & Tonic

a lively rendition! 

gently carbonated [local]

*distilled at Finback Brooklyn 

12oz   11

Interboro Gin & Tonic 

refreshing & fizzy [local]

12oz   11

Interboro Gin & Juice

with fresh ginger & lime, refreshing & fizzy [local]

12oz   11

BEER + SHOT all day every day!

1. Draft Lager Pint + Premium Well Shot spirit of your choosing   12

2. Northern Lager +  Old Overholt   9

3. Extra Dry + Forthave 'Marseille' Amaro or  St Agrestis "Paradiso" Aperitivo    15

4. Phonograph Cider + Neversink Apple Aperitif   12  

5. Spindrift Hard Seltzer + Supergay Vodka   11

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