Beer Street South (Handwritten)

550 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn

open M-W @ 5pm, Th/F @ 3pm, Sat/Sun @ 2pm

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Charcuterie & Snacks

from our friends at Foster Sundry 

Losada Carmona Mixed Spanish Olives (vegan)
brined cornicabra, zorzaleña, verdial, cuquillo and gordal

Loukanika (pork)

cumin, garlic and hints of orange zest

firehook crackers, goathorn peppers


Salame Cotto (beef)

delicate, peppery, subtly spicy

firehook crackers, goathorn peppers


Wilde Weide Gouda 

hints of sweet grasses and bourbon; dense, rich, and crunchy

firehook crackers, goathorn peppers



buttery, rich, subtly smoky cousin of manchego

firehook crackers, goathorn peppers


two for 16

three for 24

four for 32

*gluten free crackers available upon request