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Beer Street South (Handwritten)

550 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn

open M-W @ 5pm, Th @ 3pm, Fr @ 2pm, Sat/Sun @ 12pm

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from New York and Italy

$10 glasses for Happy Hour!


Red Hook 'The Guardian' 2017 (BK/FLX)

dry, medium bodied, ripe red fruit

equal parts Merlot, Cabernet Franc & Petit Verdot from Macari

*served chilled

glass   12

half liter   42

liter   80

Rose Hill 'New Phone Who Dis?' 2021 (HV)

bouyant, lively red that challenges conceptions of the varietals

65% Cabernet Franc, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Petit Verdot

glass   14

half liter   42
bottle    56

Wild Arc Marquette 2021 (HV)

bright red and blue fruit knit together with some spice and light herbal notes on the nose

glass   14

half liter   42
bottle    56

Las Jaras Waves Red (CA

lightly sparkling ✨

black plum, earth, dark cherry, violets, cocoa powder

slightest hint of mouth coating tannin and a long dry finish
79% Zinfandel, 21% Petite Sirah 

*chilled or ambient
375ml can   21

(2.5 glasses)

Wild Arc Carbonic Concord (HV) *chilled*

lightly sparkling ✨
a pomace wine made fro
m macerating pressed organic NYS Concord grape skins, stems and seeds with water and naturally refermenting in the can. tastes like the best grape soda you've ever had! 
9.0% abv

375ml can   21

(2.5 glasses)

Wild Arc Amorici Field Blend 2018 (HV)

says rose but drinks more like a light red - earthy/wild aromas, cranberry, cherry, pomegranate juice, lots of spice and pepper, but still light and bright w/ a touch of earthy funk

opens brilliantly - 30 minute decant recommended 

1.5L magnum   136

Skin Contact, etc

Channing Daughters Ramato 2019 (NF)

15 day skin fermented Pinot Grigio aged 8 months in French & Slovenian oak

bone dry, bright acidity, tannin

notes of tangerine zest, almonds and baking spice 

glass   14

half liter   49

liter   94

Passione Natura "ArtOrange" 2019 (IT)

floral aromatics, tropical fruit, candied citrus and Mediterranean herbs on the palate, clean, dry finish

Trebbiano & Malvasia from Abruzzo

glass   11

half liter   32

bottle   46

La Ciguapa Ramato 2019 (HV)

light in body, tart & dry; notes of honeysuckle, white flowers, yuzu

Aromella (gewurz parentage), NY81 (cayuga white & riesling hybrid), Riesling

23 cases produced

bottle   62

Wild Arc Blackbird 2021 (HV)

bright red cherry fruit w/ some tropical notes, white & black pepper and well-integrated acidity

50/50 blend of Riesling and Noiret, fermented together on the skins for 4 weeks
bottle   56

Wild Arc Skin Contact Sparkling Piquette 2021 (HV)

a lightly sparkling wine made of pulp leftover from crushed chardonnay and riesling grapes, later mixed to re-ferment in the can with the wine made from the previously crushed grapes. dry and light, alluring aromatics of white flowers, russet pears and stone fruit. 
7.0% abv

375ml can   21

(2.5 glasses)


Macari 'Dos Aguas' 2022 (NF)

pale lemon color with aromas of lime zest and tarragon - light body, clean, focused mouthfeel, and lingering linear acidity

100% estate grown fruit

glass   12

half liter   42

liter   80

Dr Konstantin Frank Dry Riesling 2021 (FLX)

nose of honey and peaches, followed by pear, lemon, and minerality on the palate

!00% New York-grown Riesling

glass   11

half liter   32

bottle   46

Wild Arc Chardonnay 2020 (HV)

pineapple and green apple skin with a lactic roundness from 18 months in French oak

bottle   56

Keuka Lake Vignoles 2020 (FLX)

light & fresh with bright acid & gentle tannins

fresh cherries, sandalwood, oak

bottle  56


Wild Arc Rosato Piquette 2021 (HV) *chilled*

a lightly sparkling wine made of pulp leftover from crushed grapes, later mixed to re-ferment in the can with the wine made from the previously crushed grapes. a tart, fun, and unique super refreshing sipper that evokes a slightly tart raspberry soda!

7.0% abv

375ml can   21

(that's half a bottle!

Rose Hill When the Bud Breaks 2021 (HV)

50% Merlot for fruitiness, 30% Noiret for body and 20% Valvin Muscat for aromatics

Fermented with native yeast, raw, unfined, unfiltered

bottle   56

Channing Daughters Rosato di Merlot 2019 (NF)

notes of red raspberries, strawberries, red apple skin, red cherries, spice and minerals

dry & zippy

1.5L magnum   124


Da Mar Prosecco (Italy)

dry and savory, white spring flower and stone fruit aromas, ripe pear, yellow apple and white almond and salinity on the palate

glass   11

half liter   32

bottle   46

Cantina Cantina "Ries Piece" Pétillant Naturel 2019 (NF)

hand harvested Tokay and a Georgian Riesling clone 

notes of orangesicle, almond biscotti and diesel

bottle   62

Cantina Cantina "Sandwiches" 2021 (NF)

lively and quenching, notes of biscuits and lemon bars

100% pinot noir pale pet nat!

8.5% abv

bottle   62

Metal House "Come Here My Love" 2020 (HV)

Blanc de Blancs Pet Nat, 100% Finger Lakes Chardonnay

dry with a yeasty body that mingles with the bubbles for textural wine with a brisk finish

notes of pear, white nectarines and grapefruit

bottle   62

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