Beer Street South (Handwritten)

550 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn

open M-W @ 5pm, Th/F @ 3pm, Sat/Sun @ 2pm

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from our friends at Foster Sundry 

Spanish Cocktail Nut Mix (vegan)

quicos, fava beans, chickpeas, valencia almonds

black peppercorn, cinnamon, allspice, cumin, rose petal, evoo, sea salt


Losada Carmona Mixed Spanish Olives (vegan)
brined cornicabra, zorzaleña, verdial, cuquillo and gordal

Sundry Salami Cotto (beef)

garlicky, peppery Montreal-style salami made from grass-fed local beef

firehook crackers, peruvian pearls

Golfera Mortadella con Pistacchio (pork)

w/ sicilian pistachios
firehook crackers, peruvian pearls


Herve Mons Tomme de la Chataigneraie

semi-soft, creamy, chestnutty goat's milk cheese 

firehook crackers, peruvian pearls


Jasper Hill Calderwood

firm, nutty & complex with hints of earth, caramel, honey, toasted bread and tropical fruit

firehook crackers, peruvian pearls


two for 16

three for 24

four for 32

*gluten free crackers available upon request